Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who says bus journey is tedious!

Morning @ 9.00, I dress up and stand near the gate, a royal bus would come and pick me up for my office and drop me back after hours. This was a fairytale concept I had in my mind. But fortunately this did not happen or to put it in a smoother way, I did not wait until this happened. The result was, I got placed in a good company but with no commutation facility. So the world (in)famous BMTC became my means of transportation. Though it was a ‘turn off’ thing in the beginning, now I have begun to adore it. I can say people who don’t travel through BMTC, shall surely miss some thing in life.
This is a great place to study human behavior. One can grasp psychology based on personality traits, ego, passion, love, frustration etc. etc. surprised? But true. Let’s see how!
If you just visit any bus stop at peak hours, you can see innumerable kind of people. Some with all the tension and rush will be waiting for the bus, some with all the passion will be standing to stare at the ones who are rushing. Few with complete indifference with the world around, enjoy their own privacy through FM and head phones. Few with dream filled eyes will be busy on phone conversations. Few others with all the eagerness and naughty smiles shall wait for their sole mates to arrive.
There shall also be people who have all the time in the world to just sit and relax for hours together. For such people, bus stops are a boon. After all it’s a free and entertaining place where they can at least avoid the accusations and the tantrums by their family. I have met with a strange man whose job is to sit in the stop and watch every one and note who catches which bus, and in turn help them by informing about their respective bus timings!! And trust me, his job helps people a lot at times. Can we call it just a time pass or social service?
I have seen 70+ age old couple travel in bus daily, that too at peak hours. (I really wonder for what reason!!). Middle aged couple will also be there waiting. The middle aged man would be much concerned about his wife. So his worry is all about guarding his wife rather than bus catching. Some over aged single females would also be waiting, but god knows if its for the bus or some other!! Among all these, there shall be some frustrated, desperate souls who just want to stand amidst the lady crowd and fantasize.
After minutes and hours of waiting a single bus will arrive. At this time all categories of people are warriors. They can go up to any extent to climb the bus and grab a seat! We can confidently say these buses are the place where there is complete equality. A break through from all caste, class bars. Any class, any caste, no matter, people just rush the war field and fight staunchly. In this battle, winners are those who manage to get a seat and also the ones who dare to cliff on the foot boards. The defeaters would proudly accept the defeat with a gloomy face and get prepared for the next battle where they will make sure to conquer the royal one and a half seat!
But I must say, after the bus moves, every one are again in their own world. Though the war after effects persists, it will be much more peaceful and cold. The standing people with all the envy shall dump their baggage with a simple “excuse me” to those who are sitting. And the sitters with complete deferment receive the bags. The sitters also posses the smartness to turn their faces off at the time of emergency to get up, but very few shall have the humbleness to get up and leave the seat for genuine persons.
With all such characters and behaviors and also the dust and traffic people reach their destiny. And I, one among them and as a passive observer, travel daily to get more and more experience and in turn understand myself better.


Myoni said...

I am speechless at the descriptions !!!!!!!!!!!!

dinesh said...

nice writing

kanasu said...

thank you myoni and dinesh..

Anonymous said...

Hoooo god.

Neenu basnalli yen madtiya antha iga gottaytu bidu dear.

Sakhat chennagi bardidiya kane, tumba khushi aytu oodi.

Somz! ;)

Akshahkumar Shetty said...

very true.. and your write-up was a great read. Loved your sence of keen observation.. miss those days when i used to be traveling using bmtc.. your article makes me want to try it some time again.. :)

kanasu said...

welcome akshath..
n thanks for your comment :)