Saturday, May 31, 2008

What am i?

Am I the abysmal ocean?
Or I the great creation
Too ordinary is the world for me
Or am I the one who is ignominy

I am no other
As others not me
Yet I know the abnormality of me
Which is not known to the self of me
What am I searching for?

Are you the life?
Are you the fire?
Are you the desire?
Or are you the power?
What are you that I am searching for?

Are you the wealth?
Are you the warmth?
Are you the passion?
Or are you the possession?
What are you that I am looking for?

In this running world
And the glittering wayward
Oh! So bad
I don’t know what I am craving for!!


Vijaya said...

wow ... this one is neat ...
am visiting your blog after a long time ... and thought will go thru all the older posts too ... seems like i have missed a lot!!!

kanasu said...

thank you so much vijaya and welcome back :)