Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the job..

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Well….there goes the journey of me as a working woman! Boy..! mom’s’s scoldings...hanging out with friends…those 5 o’clock serials…in total me as a student is no more..!! Yes, the day came when I had to go to “office”! That was sort of a derangement for me to think that am going to office and no more to collage…

The girl in me started thinking, was it right on my part to take such a I actually the grown up one? With the same confusion and pride I reached the office. My seniors welcomed me with half smiles on their faces. There awaited a computer for me and a chair with a name plate. It was altogether a thrilling experience to sit on that chair for the first time. After some time, me thinking to break the hostile silence around...started a conversation with the team mates, who with much difficulty accepted me as one among. First day gone with introductions and induction programs. I was back home to get a royal treatment.

Day two…month two…the work, the meetings, the team lunch, out door work and me. Perhaps jelled well for some time. Days gone by enjoying the work and the perks. I was confident enough to manage my work in the new stream. But at the same time I was also encountered with new experiences. To much of my surprise, I came across the most resentful attitudes. Saw two faces of the same coin. Learnt that life is of much more challenges and dangers than I imagined it to be. Finally I came to the conclusion that…oh this is what is called…”the professionalism”!

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