Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hide n Seek!

Deep in the dark woods
Burning is the intense blaze
Invincible is the quest
To route the same spirit

Can glimpse a shaft of light
A peep of the glimmer
Of fervor and of desire
That swells the thirst of quest

Now, the yearning is deep rooted
To unearth the shadow
And brew out the glow
That is full of colors and radiance

Let me embark on this expedition
Of the conquest over my quest
And snatch out the light
That ignites from within


sunaath said...

The poem powerfully expresses the mind's yearning to conquer the quest. A very good poem.

kanasu said...

Thanks kaa kaa...

dinesh said...

Nice Poem....:)

kanasu said...

Dinesh..! :) long time....thanks kanri...

prabhamani nagaraja said...

'That ignites from within' very nice lines. endless "Hide n Seek!" keep writing. best wishes.

kanasu said...

Thank you Prabhamani madam :)

shilpa said...

its very nice

shilpa said...

its very nice poem