Monday, November 8, 2010

The day that was…

Cannot forget that moment;

When the sip of the coffee shared our visions

When our coyness damasked a bright smile on our faces

The symposium that substantiated a similar wavelength

And the innocent smile that lit up on your face when we shook hands

Now the search has come to an end, with a new hope and desire

To start a vivid and colourful journey together in this life

Which takes us to the reach of alluring pinnacles

Which accomplishes our dreams and augments belongingness

With love, trust, care and passion for each other

This is a sweet new commitment for the rest of my life

And I would hope assure you the best way I can

That I would be a part of your life in every other concern

By the same feel, I would again say, as I did the other day

Welcome to my tiny little life………!


sunaath said...

Wish you both all the best!

kanasu said...

Thank you ka ka! :)

Anonymous said...

read ur text... good! as i said! :)


Venkatesha Murthy said...

heartely congratulations :)

kanasu said...

Thank you venki! :)

Arvind said...

All the very best for both of you :-)

Close friend of Guru
Arvind N

kanasu said...

hey! :) Thanks Arvind!